Why a New Breed of Educational Buildings are Sweeping Across the UK

Adaptive, Flexible & Affordable

Why a New Breed of Educational Buildings are Sweeping Across the UK

By Martin Kellett
  • Education is evolving all the time…


  • Learning never stops…


  • And a child or student never stops developing nor their learning growing…

So is it, hardly surprising that the educational buildings and structures around them… need to be adaptive, flexible and affordable?

Let’s be frank.  It is widely thought in society, that a child or a young person is very often a reflection or a snapshot of their environment.

Well, if this is, a school of thought that you subscribe too… Is it hardly surprising to learn that the modern day pre school, primary school or high school, further education facility or college, are embracing a new breed of school buildings and structures?

Osmani Primary School London - www.theqube.co.uk

Osmani Primary School London

Keeping pace with the educational developments, changes and continuous evolvement of learning techniques and policy.

Responding to changing community needs and expectations… teaching is becoming much more than just scholarship and learning and becoming more about, A TOTAL PUPIL DEVELOPMENT.

Schools and colleges are far more hands on, teaching more general life and business skills, alongside the traditional core education skills.

Teaching processes, the subject matter and content used, to deliver the learning process, has evolved in to a, full on, life skills, teaching process.

With that extra dimension of the teaching process coming in to play.

Educational planners are embracing the school of thought, that, just as at home, environment plays a key role in the development of the child’s life, their expectations and some times, their ambitions… to explore, experiment, to broaden their knowledge and… ACHIEVE.

To encourage the engagement of children and pupils, the educational building fabric, features and facilities are changing.

Retiring the stark, sterile and obsolete teaching environments of the past, for more creative, exciting spaces that do not conform to the past design’s of regimented, dormitory style rooms or classrooms, with rows of desks, all pointing towards a blackboard, for a more casual, natural layout, for both large or smaller work groups.

Creating school buildings that can adapt, in internal shape, with retractable screens and walls and using the flexibility of modern Bifolding doors, that can create a fully opened or closed space.

St. Stephen's School Bradford

St. Stephen’s School Bradford


Let the outside in… Teaching and learning has never been such fun!

Creating a classroom, music studio, IT Suite, Library or Staff Room. Whatever the buildings use, it needs to be a space that harmonises with… and, makes full use of its environment better.

Qube Structures Educational Buildings

Qube Structures Educational Buildings

Turning teaching environments from bland… to inspiring places.

Qube Structures Educational Buildings

Qube Structures Educational Buildings

  • Reinventing the art of excitement.

  • Looking forward for solutions to restriction.

  • Throwing away the the blueprint from the past

  • Embracing the challenge, as to what is possible… what can be achieved and the questions as to what will the future of educational buildings look like and, what will they, need to achieve.

St. Stephens School - Bradford

St. Stephens School – Bradford

WELCOME To A New Breed Of Educational Buildings.

The Qube and Qube Structures are one of the UK’s, most prolific suppliers of school, college and educational buildings and structures.
Supporting an enviable track record of supplying countless educational, healthcare, retail and business buildings and structures to all sectors.
The Qube and Qube Structures have been a finalist of Channel 4’s, Grand Designs, been featured in countless major newspaper and magazine articles including the Daily Mail and the UK’s leading tech and gadget magazine T3.

So what does the future of educational buildings look like?

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What Makes The New Breed Of Educational Buildings Different?


  • Adaptive design.

  • A clever and innovative use of space.

And, a clear understanding that all educational buildings need to be future proofed in design, as to meet and exceed all the functions and demands on that building… for today, tomorrow and way forward in to the future.

Only by exceeding expectation, forward thinking and meeting future challenges and demands on that building, where ever possible, can an educational building, truly perform the ultimate task of deliverability on all levels of demand.

By sourcing and embracing new technologies, like SIPs panels for the construction of the super structure.  SIPs are hugely heat efficient.  Creating a warmer space in winter and cooler space to be in, in summer.

Energy efficiency not only makes practical business sense, it also fits in with the Educational remit, that schools and colleges should be, where ever possible, energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

The Qube use cutting edge, day light capture, light tubes.  These special units capture and reflect any natural day light source, through the roof in to ceiling reflector units, beaming an amplified light, directly in to the classroom space.

Qube Structures Educational Buildings - www.theqube.co.uk

Qube Structures Educational Buildings – http://www.theqube.co.uk

Above, you can see the affect from these special, natural day light tubes.

Energy efficiency is a top priority in each and every Qube Structure.

Using super heat sensitive, energy saving glazing units in all doors and windows which when used in conjunction with the super heat efficient Structural Insulated Panels, (SIPs) panels, can create the ultimate thermal ‘U Value’ energy statistics, some 20% more heat efficient than a traditionally built structure.

The Qube doors and windows can also feature sound insulation glazing, making for the perfect music room, music and video production studio, where sound insulation is an important part of the fabric if the structure sits close by a residential area, as many UK schools do.

The Qube design and Technical teams design some of the most modern, futuristic building designs offered to the UK educational authorities, which is being widely embraced as one of the front line solutions in the next generation of school and college building design.

The Qube’s Facilities Team can not only help with the external and internal design but also with the logistics of fittings, fixtures and features… like furniture, IT supplies and specialist supplies for video and music suites.  If you have a project causing a few head aches and concerns, consult our specialist team of designers, technical build and facilities experts, who will be able to offer a total, package solution for your project.

For more information on The Qube and Qube Structures, please visit: www.theqube.co.uk


The Qube is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of modular and bespoke designed Educational, Healthcare and Commercial buildings, built using SIPs panels for robust, super heat efficient and rapid construction. With hundreds of satisfied clients from the educational, healthcare, retail and domestic sectors. The Qube design stunning, modern contemporary buildings that fit in to place for both commercial and domestic applications. The Qube - what will yours be? www.theqube.co.uk

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