Education and teaching is ever changing

Education and teaching is ever changing.

By Martin Kellett

A perpetual evolution of reinvention.

To educate is to teach and, an education is something to learn.

Kids, pupils, students and teachers have to be good at being adaptive, for change is sure to come knocking at their door. 

Being responsive to change, being receptive to change, embracing change, and being adaptive to the new ways, the new thinking and the new solutions, is at the core of education.

This ADAPTIVE philosophy, is fully embraced by School Buildings manufacturer, supplier and installer… Qube Structures.


Green Dragon Primary School - Brentford

Green Dragon Primary School – Brentford

As one of the UK’s leading and preferred educational buildings suppliers, The Qube and Qube Structures have a very adaptive approach, to each and every building, application and project.

From school to school, building project to build project, every client need, aspiration and demand is different.

A ‘One Fits All Mentality’ just does not work anymore.

That’s why, at The Qube… the first part of any new project build, is the drawing up of a full client understanding and requirement plan.

All Saints Junior School - Bradford

All Saints Junior School – Bradford


With a technical team of designers who establish the full brief of the day to day workings, ambitions and practical operational duties that any building needs to meet and exceed.

Designing the very fabric of the building to meet the challenges that the structure will be exposed too, and need to meet.


St. Stephens School - Bradford

St. Stephens School – Bradford


Adaptive design is key to the success of any new school that serves its community to the full.

Adaptive design is the very heart of what The Qube design team apply to each and every design.

This is why The Qube believe… ‘Adaptive Modular Buildings are the way forward for Schools and Colleges’

By adopting an Adaptive Design Philosophy, and making sure that every eventuality, every need and every possible consideration for what is fully required, is fully thought through.

Ensuring that every metre of floor space, every penny of budget, is fully utilised and evaluated and checked, to ensure, maximum performance, is attained… each and every time… with Adaptive Design.

To see what our school clients, teachers and pupils think of their Qube School Building, take a look at this case study video.

YouTube link here:

For more information about The Qube and Qube Structures, please visit:

The Qube is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of modular and bespoke designed Educational, Healthcare and Commercial buildings, built using SIPs panels for robust, super heat efficient and rapid construction. With hundreds of satisfied clients from the educational, healthcare, retail and domestic sectors. The Qube design stunning, modern contemporary buildings that fit in to place for both commercial and domestic applications. The Qube - what will yours be?

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