The 3 Golden Rules in Planning The Perfect Educational Building

Have you ever thought about what makes a great educational building?

By Martin Kellett

Have you really taken the time and trouble to think about the fabric, the features and the utilities, a stunning new educational building should possess?
Well, for educational space planners, government educational departments, estate managers, University heads, Bursars and Governors, these issues are high on their agenda, in providing their school or college with buildings that can deliver on all the needs and aspirations of their pupils, teachers and their community.

The three core ingredients for planning a stunning, successful and community rewarding educational space, could evolve around many more that just three design, build and delivery ingredients.

From research with many pupils, teaching staff, school administrators, school heads, Bursars and Governors, who are involved in the day to day use and running of school buildings, the following rank really high on their wish list.

From all consulted, these were top of their wish list.

They want:

An Inspiring Space In Which To LEARN

Stowford Primary School – Ivybridge Devon

A LEARNING Space In Harmony With Its Environment


A Safe Controlled LEARNING Environment For Pupils & Staff


As we move in to an educational environment of great challenges and change… nothing has created more sleepless nights for educational planners, than trying to deliver school and university buildings that are inspiring, affordable and adaptive.

Creating an inspiring space for learning has to encompass not only good design… but REMARKABLE DESIGN!

To achieve this, school space designers have to fully understand the mindset of the users of the space.
Designers have to interpret the physical and imaginary limits on space.  

They have to extract every possible design element out of every metre of floor space, every penny of budget, so that the result is carefully researched, planned and delivered to meet and exceed the users dreams, demands and needs.

One company who have invested a great deal of effort in the understanding of these requirements for many UK schools and colleges, is The Qube & Qube Structures of Northampton.

Having designed countless bespoke and modular school buildings, for a vast array of uses, from music and video studios, to IT suites, science labs and staff rooms, sports halls and reception suites, The Qube firstly deploy a team of research, planning and technical staff to evaluate each and every project, on their individual needs, restrictions and physical demands.

All Qube projects are headed by a dedicated Director of Project Management.

With the primary responsibility of deliverability… the Qube’s Director of Project Management, Mick Spittle, is a seasoned construction and project manager.

Mr Spittle of The Qube with his consultative staff of researchers, planners and technical team, liaise with site staff to deliver day to day deadlines on the rapid build, modular structures that the company has become recognised for, as a leading UK, preferred educational supplier.

From concept to delivery, every process, build stage is carefully managed.

Take the Goldsworth Primary Project – July 2012.  Built during the school summer holiday break to minimise the disruption for the school.

From ground preparation: Day 1 – 2
To footing and base sub-structure: Day 2 – 4
To the floor structure – Day 4 – 6
To the structure shell – Day 6 – 10
To the Roof – Day 10 – 12
Full structure with all internals completed and delivery – Day 12 – 30
The school pupils and staff are really proud of their Qube!

As educational budgets are being reviewed and the pressure on government educational departments is applied, to extract even more value from their structures, planners are turning to modular construction to meet these design and budget pressures.

Modular construction allows for offsite factory controlled fabrication of the core super structure, with the bulk of the work, features and utilities being completed and installed within the structure before delivery to site.

This prefabricated process considerably reduces the on site construction time and the need for repeated site deliveries and storage of the various construction materials.

One of the most popular design features of a Qube Structure are the retractable Bifolding or sliding doors, which offer the feeling of an outside classroom.


Aesthetics and cutting edge design of a educational structure also play a key role in the customer expectation.


Internal specification is of paramount importance and the clever use of space and storage is key, to meeting the demands of these spaces to deliver a work space that is adaptive and flexible, to meet all the school activities.


Embedded in to the fabric of these super heat efficient buildings, constructed using SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels, which out perform the heat retention and are more insulative than their counterpart brick built structures.


Warmer in winter, cooler in summer, the ultimate comfort factor in design.


These modern structures also embrace

some really clever, cutting edge, energy efficient lighting design features.

Ceiling and roof light tubes reflect maximum natural day light directly in to the structure.


Making an educational space an extra special environment.


All Qube Structures can feature thermostatically, remote and timer controlled heating and cooling, with optional air conditioning.

Specialist acoustic insulation for music studios, blackout screening and green wall installation for photography and videography suites.

So let’s reflect on our opening core statement.

The 3 Golden Rules in Planning The Perfect Educational Building?

An Inspiring Space In Which To LEARN

A LEARNING Space In Harmony With Its Environment

A Safe Controlled LEARNING Environment For Pupils & Staff

In a world where children are our greatest asset, lets make their most informative years… an experience to remember!

Crowded classes increase 52pc in a year…


This recently published article just about sums up the pressures facing UK education… via @Telegraph

For more information about educational structures, modular buildings, specialist structures, contact the commercial technical team at The Qube.

Call: +44 (0)1604 785 786


The Qube is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of modular and bespoke designed Educational, Healthcare and Commercial buildings, built using SIPs panels for robust, super heat efficient and rapid construction. With hundreds of satisfied clients from the educational, healthcare, retail and domestic sectors. The Qube design stunning, modern contemporary buildings that fit in to place for both commercial and domestic applications. The Qube - what will yours be?

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